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How to handle this break up?

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How to handle this break up?  Empty How to handle this break up?

Post by Taebadass on Mon Jul 16, 2018 12:39 am

I don’t know know what to do, I’m actually really broken hearted. I was friends with a guy that since the beginning we felt comfortable with each other and became close friends quickly. We will always joke around we were twins because we were so similar and different at the same time, our differences completed each other. When people saw us talk they could tell we really care for each other and love seeing us talk because they can get a laugh off of it. We were friends over a year but than when I was about to lose him he was in an accident. While he was in the hospital something came over me I was like a zombie walking around not having a care in the world, I didn’t focus in school and work. I couldn’t even smile when I’m the type of person that use to always have a smile on my face. I realized soon thanks to my best friend and his best friend that I was actually in love with him other than they were being supported with me which cause me to show strength to him. I ended up confessing to him when he was out of danger but he had no more strength to fight out of the fear for him to give up my mind wasn’t working but my heart was spilling things out to him and ended up confessing but that confessing gave him the will to fight again. Even it gave him the strength back we didn’t started to date straight away. He was confuse if he saw me as his twin or as a women because he love how I play around with him but he also felt very attracted towards me. I thought when he finally confessed what I meant to him he realized that he see me as a woman. We will date for almost a year, I truly cared for him and love him so much. We were very happy. In our relationship he needed me just like I needed him. He told me many times he loves me and we even talked about our future together as married with kids but he was the one that started it. Than one day everything changed he was so confused what he see me as a sister or a woman. I asked why now bring it was he confused the time we were dating and was the future he planned with us was a lie but he told me he does really care about me and don’t want to lose me, he meant what he said in the past but I broke up with him because it wasn’t right for him to be with me if he was confuse towards me. He didn’t let me leave him for a while to find some happiness for me. But soon after he enlist in the military and left I barely managed to give him a letter I wrote to him. The thing is I’m really hurt still, I miss him like crazy. I haven’t really smiled and I still cry everyday it’s been over a month since the break up. I want to talk to him so badly, I even found myself messaging him even looking for him in messager I would see him he was online but he doesn’t read my messages on there or any message of mine. I really don’t know what to do, I can’t keep crying everyday I even went back to a hobby I love do but it’s not really working. I tried keeping myself busy , I just don’t know anymore I lost all my strength in fighting. Please help me I don’t want to feel lost anymore

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